Mystery Shopper

What is mystery shopping?

Though the name itself may seem a bit mysterious, the concept of mystery shopping is actually straightforward. Also referred to as secret shopping, performance evaluations, service checks and frontline evaluations to name but a few, mystery shopping allows companies to obtain vital information concerning business performance. Using trained researchers, who know in advance what they are to evaluate, it provides management a method to quickly, yet efficiently evaluate their business practices, deliverables and employees from the perspective of an unbiased consumer.

IHRS and mystery shopping

IHRS provides such a service, giving your business an accurate picture of performance levels from a customer perspective. The service provides you with a valuable insight into employee standards and assesses whether they are adhering to company standards, as well as providing you with the broader picture of how your business performs as a whole.Our detailed and thorough mystery shopper service is carried out by specially trained researchers and analyses everything from reservation enquiries through to the quality of the facilities you have to offer.