Our Services

Do you need to revitalise your business or catering operation?
Are you sure that your customers consistently experience a high quality service?
Are you sure that your staff are well trained and motivated with no need for improvement?
Are you sure that your costs are under control?

IHRS incorporate a wide range of skills, experience and knowledge and provide individual solutions that meet our client's specific needs.

Performance is usually measured in terms of profitability. In the Catering and Hospitality Industry, standards of service can also be used to measure performance. In fact profitability and service are very closely linked, as good service leads to a healthy client base, increasing your potential to make more money, leading to a successful business!

The three tangible assets of your business - you, your employees and your client base - interact to build your business. The success of that interaction will determine how quickly you can achieve your goals.As part of our service we make it our business to understand the dynamic and swift changes that can make or break your business. Our catering consultants work with you to help you fulfill your performance potential.


We offer a complete range of Food and Facilities Management Consultancy Services including:

  • Restaurant and Hotel Operational Reviews
  • Food and Beverage Development Planning
  • Performance and Monitoring
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Food Industry Training
  • Competitive Tenders for Contract Caterers
  • Hotel, Restaurant and Kitchen Design
  • Catering Project Management
  • Specialist Facilities Management Advice